The Mühlenfloß raft

Cast away, raft AHOI!

Floating across the lake on our raft is extremely satisfying. Relax with your family, enjoy a small BBQ party or hold a tea party. Whether you are looking for ideas or a booked tour with invited guests, we welcome you warmly to our rafts Horst & Christel. Our two rafts also have their own story, which we are happy to tell you.

Short and sweet

Tour along the Elbau floodplains

Number of people
min. 15 persons (block seating) 35 people, both rafts can be booked for larger groups

Comfy seat corners, child seats, on board toilets, protected from the wind in the event of bad weather

Good to know
Reservation required
Includes entertainment by the captain and appropriate background music
You can find dates for Mühlenfloß short tours on public holidays in the Events calendar
Tours for small groups are possible, enquiries welcome

Brunch tour

€29.90 per person plus drinks

Rafting tours between 10:00 and 12:30 incl. brunch specialities, raft decorations, service staff, music and entertainment

  • Hearty potato soup
  • Escalopes, chicken wings, chicken skewers and meatballs
  • Pumpernickel with cream cheese
  • Tomato & mozzarella pesto
  • Filled spring rolls with cream cheese
  • Small selection of cheeses
  • Serrano ham and Italian salami
  • Selection of antipasti
  • Smoked fish pralines with salmon and halibut
  • Cheese straws with creamy soured cream
  • Small selection of jams and honey
  • Bread specialities, dripping and butter


€19.90 per person plus drinks

Rafting tours between 14:30 and 16:00 incl. two pieces of cake and two cups of coffee/tea per person

The following speciality cakes are available, please select two.

  • Yoghurt and mandarin cake
  • Cherry cake
  • Apple cake
  • Forest fruits cake

BBQ tour

“All inclusive price”

Sundays – Thursdays: €59 per person
Fridays and Saturdays: €79 per person

“All inclusive price” includes: 2.5 hour raft trip, all drinks and meals incl. raft decoration, service staff, music and entertainment – can be booked from 17:00 until 0:00

  • Grilled sausages, neck steaks and meatballs
  • Steamed cod with lemon & herbs
  • Colourful vegetable skewers & baked potatoes
  • Fresh & marinated salads
  • Tomato mozzarella with home-made pesto
  • Selection of antipasti from sun-ripened vegetables
  • Bread & bread roll selection
  • Mustard, ketchup, BBQ sauce, garlic dip & soured cream
  • Herby and tomato butter
  • Small snacks for later on

Bread time tour

€19.90 per person plus drinks

Rafting tours between 14:30 and 16:00 incl. a hearty snack, raft decoration, service staff, music and entertainment

  • Varied selection of cold meats
  • Smoked ham & crispy crackers
  • Rustic cheese selection consisting of various hard & soft cheeses
  • Garnished with pickled vegetables & seasonal fresh vegetables
  • Bread specialities, dripping and butter


Horst & Christel

We baptised two new rafts in the spring of 2010. It was a celebratory and emotional moment. In addition to the official guests, two special guests also looked down on us from heaven: our grandparents, Christel and Horst. Christel and Horst celebrated their Diamond wedding anniversary many years ago amongst the members of the Thomas family on our first little raft. Both of them spoke proudly about their wonderful raft tour ever since. They talked about it at every family party. Christel and Horst were unspeakably proud! They were married for 60 years and these happy moments and our memories of them led us to name our new rafts after them in 2010. We are happy to have had such loving grandparents and we have created something permanent in their memory by naming our rafts after them. They have been our silent guests who accompany us every day since 4th May 2010.